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The ultimate guide to fitness and exercise when you’re perimenopausal

Whatever your fitness conundrum, we’ve got you covered, thanks to perimenopause fitness coach, Baz Moffat; physiologist, Dr Emma Ross and Jennis founder, Jess Ennis-Hill


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By 2025, one billion people will be peri or menopausal, but this pivotal lifestage still seems to be shrouded in mystery. We’re changing all that with our new perimenopause knowledge hub and soon-to-be-launched fitness programme…

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Everything you need to know about perimenopause

We speak to three of our favourite women’s health experts about why we experience perimenopause, what to expect and what we can do to ease some of the common symptoms…

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What happens to your hormones when you’re perimenopausal?

Ever wondered what’s going on inside your body during perimenopause? Here, we reveal the impact of the four big hormone players…

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