Amazing 5-minute circuits that really work


Back to work and school in September? Worried you'll have no time for yourself and your fitness goals? Then look no further...

When you have zero time in a hectic September schedule, a five-minute fitness session is sometimes all it takes to boost your mood and keep you motivated.

“If I’m too busy to squeeze in a 30-minute circuit, I’ll often do a quick five-minute blast instead. Just doing a few minutes of activity immediately makes me feel so much better,” says Jess.

To help you do the same, Jess has added a series of her favourite 5-minute sessions into the ‘Quick Blasts’ section of her Jennis app and will coach you through every move and minute.

“My quick blasts are super-quick and effective, and you often end up doing more than you planned once you get going. Importantly, they really help to lift your mood and energy levels, which is really important when you are mega-busy.”

With blasts for your abs, bum and arms, you can choose your blast depending on the body part you want to work that day. If you have no equipment, Jess has you covered through a series of bodyweight-based sessions that only require a mat or towel. And if you want to add intensity, the kettlebell and dumbbell sessions will add load to your blast to up the heat.

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