How to have a Jennis Zoom party with Jessica Ennis-Hill


Are you missing your workout buddies or team mates? Want to motivate yourself and your family? Then how about inviting them to a Jennis workout party with Jess…

If you’re missing your workout partner, you want the social fix of a Saturday parkrun session (but without leaving your house) or you just want to share the power of Jennis with your family and friends, how about inviting them to a Jennis Zoom workout party… with Jessica Ennis-Hill your host?

What is Zoom?

Up until two months ago, most of us hadn’t even heard of Zoom , but now we’re using the video conferencing platform for everything from work meetings to quizzes, dance parties and even quarantini cocktail parties.

Not tried a workout using Zoom? Then why not get your next Jennis on with the added motivation of getting your favourite fitness in? Not only will you get the same calorie-burning benefit of a classic Jennis circuit, but you’ll get the added motivation of hearing and seeing your workout buddies getting their sweat on too. Fun, right?

How does it work?

1. If you are already familiar with Zoom , sign in to your account by going to and click 'Sign In'. Note: If you do not have a current Zoom account, you can click 'Sign Up Free' to create a new one.

2. Click ‘Schedule a meeting’ and pop in the time and date when you want to get your Jennis on. Click 'Save'. That’s your session booked.

3. Next, go to ‘Join URL’, and you will see a button that says ‘Copy the invitation’. Click this, then click ‘Copy Meeting Invitation’. That’s your meeting URL sorted. The next step is to email this to the workout buddies you want to invite to your Jennis Zoom party. To do this, go to your email account and paste the invite to your chosen workout buddies.

4. In preparation for your workout session, choose which Jennis workout you would like to do. For inspiration, here are some sessions to choose from:

At Home With Jess: 15-minute zero equipment session This is a 3-set full body session that requires no kit

​–  At Home With Jess: 15-minute body burner  – This is a 3-set full body session that requires a single weight or dumbbell for those folk who want to add to the intensity

–  At Home With Jess: 4-set 20-minute body blast – You'll need a set of dumbbells or two cans of beans or soup

At Home 4-set 35-minute mega circuit – This one requires no kit

When considering which set to go for, try and think about the ability and fitness of your guests and pick a session that you think they’ll get the most out of. The idea is to make them feel motivated and buzzing, rather than breaking them completely

​5. As a host, a few minutes before your session, make sure you have the Jennis session of choice prepped on your internet browser…

6. Click the Zoom invite you have created. When your session starts, admit your workout buddies into the session by clicking ‘Admit’

7. Once everyone is there (and you have checked everyone has a drink, mat or towel and whatever kit they might need), click ‘Share Screen’ (the green button at the bottom of your Zoom browser window) and then ‘Share desktop’. Your workout crew will then be able to see your screen.

8. To get your workout up, click the page where the Jennis circuit you want to do is hosted. Press ‘Play’ on the embedded video and then the ‘Full Screen’ buttom at the bottom-right of the embedded video. You’ll then get Jess in all her full-screen glory coaching you and your invited team to get your Jennis on together. Enjoy!

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