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Want to add pertness to your peach, improve your running performance, rev up your metabolism and much more? Then the answer lies in unlocking the power of your glutes through Jessica Ennis-Hill’s brand-new bum challenge…

Jessica Ennis-Hill has created a brand-new 30-day glute programme in the Jennis Fitness app that includes HIIT circuits, rep challenges, 5-minute bum blasts, ultra glute sessions, HIIT runs and much more, so that you can target and tone your bum.

Even better, she’s mapped out exactly what you need to do every single day so that it’s easy to follow; there is tons of variety and you get the confidence that she’s guiding you through every move and minute.

The 30-day programme principles

Having a well-developed and toned bum is a popular fitness goal and having strong glutes has loads of benefits beyond the obvious , but what is the key to making it happen?

“Getting a strong, toned bum isn’t just about smashing out loads of squats,” explains Jess. “It’s about having variety in your training and firing up as many complementary muscles as you can so that you benefit from all-round fat burn and strength gains.

Getting a strong, toned bum isn’t just about smashing out loads of squats

“The other key when it comes to maximum glute gains is to make sure you add load, in other words weights, to your sessions, and don’t neglect your cardio. That’s why I’ve included my guided audio HIIT Runs into the 30-day plan, as well as strength exercises that add dumbbells for extra intensity.”

What’s in the glute programme?

The Jennis 30-day bum challenge features lots of different circuits and sessions designed by Jess, with all of them under 30 minutes. These include…

– Jennis HIIT circuits: 20-29-minute sessions (you decide the time and difficulty level)

– Mini HIIT circuits: Shorter circuits in lower intensity days

– Rep challenges: quick rep challenges focusing on 3 x ab exercises and varying reps

– 5-minute bum blasts: super-quick bum blasts (10 x reps of 10 x glute exercises)

– Ultra glute sessions: 30-minute guided sessions

– Jennis guided audio HIIT runs: 20-29-minute guided running sessions (you decide the time and difficulty level), where Jess talks you through when to run, sprint and walk. Available on YouTube or on SoundCloud

Is the bum challenge for me?

The Jennis 30-day bum challenge has been created for all fitness levels. If you’re new to fitness or just getting back into it, follow along each day with Jess.

For people who want to really challenge themselves, you should choose the Advanced Jennis HIIT circuits and HIIT Runs and double the number of sets and reps that Jess suggests for the bum blasts and rep challenges.

The calendar has been designed to get progressively tougher and the rest days are important, so please bear that in mind.

How do I join up?

Simple! If you aren’t already a Jennis fitness member, download and subscribe to the Jennis app. Apple users can find it here . People with Android devices can find the Jennis app here .

Once you sign up, you’ll find Part 1 of the Bum Challenge in the Fitness section of your Jennis app. You’ll also be emailed a PDF planner that explains what you need to do each day and how the plan works.

What if I miss a day?

If you miss a day, no problem. This challenge is all about having fun and feeling good about ourselves, so it’s totally fine to take some extra rest days where needed. If you do, simply pick back up when you feel strong!

Important things to remember

  1. “Because this is a leg heavy challenge,” says Jess, “it’s really, really important to stretch through your quads, IT bands, calf muscles and glutes. To help you out with this, I’ve created a dedicated foam roller stretch session, which you'll find in the Extras section of my Jennis app. I have also created stretch sessions for runners and a cool down library in the Extras section of the app.”

  2. “When it comes to technique – particularly when it comes to moves such as squat thrusts, squats and lunges – form is really important, so don’t let you knees collapse inwards while doing any of the exercises. Your knees should always be pointing forwards to stop you putting any unnecessary strain through your knees and hips.”

It's the correct form that gets real results

  1. “Still on the point of technique, never let your knee overshoot your toes when performing any of the lunge movements, and make sure your hips are always pointing forward.”

  2. “If you feel your technique is sliding as you get tired, make sure you slow the movements down. I am always more focused on form than pace, as it’s the correct form that gets real results.”

  3. “Finally, because we are working some of your big muscles hard, you might experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) ,” says Jess. This might mean that you struggle to walk down the stairs or put your shoes on. 

“I’ve had it sooo many times, and in a strange way a quite like it as I know I’ve worked hard and that my muscles are getting stronger. I talk more about DOMS here .

“DOMS often occur when you make a change to your training programme, whether that’s taking on a new challenge, increasing weight or intensity. But these are great changes and mean that your muscles are adapting. As I said in point 1, the best thing you can do for DOMS is make sure you keep up your key stretches and cool downs.”

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