Map your training to your menstrual cycle with Jennis CycleMapping


Introducing a brand-new fitness innovation from Jess Ennis-Hill that helps you train smarter, get stronger, feel more energised and reconnect with your body like never before…

Jennis CycleMapping is a game-changing training innovation that helps you map different fitness sessions to the four phases of your menstrual cycle so that you get fitter and stronger, feel more energised, reduce hormone imbalances, build lean muscle and much more.

Created by Jess Ennis-Hill and Physiologist, Dr Emma Ross , the programme uses an expert knowledge of female physiology to create personalised training programmes that work with your hormones to give you maximum benefit.

Why CycleMap?

“Across the different phases of your menstrual cycle, there are A LOT of hormonal changes that take place,” says Jess, “with these affecting your motivation to train; the way your muscles adapt; how your body fuels and so much more.

“By understanding what’s happening hormonally, we can help you do what’s best for your body at the right time in your cycle, which means you feel more energised, build up to 15% more lean muscle, respond better to fitness and can reduce PMS.”

My team and I want to help women all over the world feel better, train better and understand their bodies better

Why now?

“I've been in sport my whole life,” continues Jess, “but it was only towards the latter part of my career that the science of matching your workouts and diet to your menstrual cycle was being touched upon.

“We’ve created Jennis CycleMapping because this information is essential to women’s health, but isn’t accessible or widely talked about.

"By opening up the conversation and making it easier for women to understand their cycles, my team and I want to help women all over the world feel better, train better and understand their bodies better. That’s a legacy I will be really proud of.”

What’s inside?

The CycleMapping programme is personalised to your unique cycle and makes planning your sessions easy, with daily recommendations based on your hormones, energy levels and mood. When you sign up, you go through a quick questionnaire, which helps us understand your fitness goals, cycle length, period and pre-menstrual symptoms and your fitness level.

From here, we’ll be able to pinpoint where you are in your cycle and make training recommendations based on the hormone profile of the phase that you’re in. Each day, you’ll be recommended a different selection of workouts, with these including HIIT, strength, yoga, LISS, audio HIIT runs, recovery sessions and more. All sessions are between 5 and 35 minutes.

By understanding what’s happening hormonally, we can help you do what’s best for your body at the right time in your cycle

Your fitness for each phase

We’re all different, with different cycle lengths, symptoms and goals, which is why your CycleMap and fitness recommendations will be personalised to you. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect.

Phase 1: The Period Phase - 5 to 8 days*

We all experience our periods completely differently, so during your Period Phase we map in fitness recommendations that reflect your period experience. Whether that’s abdominal cramps, heavy legs, fatigue or no symptoms at all, your personalised map will be designed to suit you.

Phase 2: The Follicular Phase  - 10 to 22 days*

With oestrogen on the rise during your Follicular Phase, your muscles adapt better, recover better and fatigue less, which makes it a great time to push your workouts and go for gains. We’ll help you make the most of this by mapping in more intense Jennis sessions, such as HIIT, strength and audio HIIT runs.

Phase 3: The Luteal Phase - 9 to 16 days*

With progesterone on the rise across your Luteal Phase, your metabolism switches to preferring fat as your main source of fuel and this makes it a great time for longer, steady state endurance sessions. To help you tap into this fat-burning efficiency, we’ll map in a higher proportion of steady state sessions, so things like LISS, power yoga and tempo runs. 

Phase 4: The Pre-menstrual Phase - 5 to 7 days*

As with the period phase, we all experience different symptoms across our Pre-menstrual Phase, so your personal CycleMap will reflect the symptoms you shared with us. Whether that’s anxiety, irritation, low mood, sore boobs or no symptoms at all, your fitness recommendations will reflect your pre-menstrual experience and help to alleviate lots of the more negative symptoms.

*Giant caveat: There is no ‘normal’ cycle. Everyone’s experience of their cycle is completely different and that’s what’s actually normal. For us, it's about tuning into your unique cycle and symptoms and working with it to get the best out of your training each day.

Map your training to your menstrual cycle with Jennis CycleMapping. Download the app

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