30-day full-body ‘feel-good’ challenge

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Start 2021 stronger, fitter, more flexible and more positive than ever with our brand new 30-day challenge by Jess Ennis-Hill.

Jess Ennis-Hill has created a brand-new full-body ‘feel-good’ challenge in the Jennis app . This blends different workout styles across 30 days so you can enjoy maximum feel-good benefits as we kick off 2021. 

“I get the biggest physical and mental benefits when I mix up my fitness, recover correctly and push myself in the right way,” says Jess Ennis-Hill, Jennis founder and coach. 

“With my new 30-day ‘feel-good’ challenge, my team and I will help you do exactly that by blending different disciplines (there’s strength, HIIT, yoga, runs, recovery and more); mixing up the body focus so you get all-over body benefits; programming in stretch and mobility days so you recover in the right way, and mapping in total rest days that help you get strong and stay focused.

"When it comes to feel-good gains, you’ll get a surge of positive energy from my Super HIIT and audio HIIT Runs – think serotonin, dopamine and endorphins . Yoga flows will help to combat stress and calm the nervous system. Strength sessions will build muscle and boost your metabolism and confidence. And recovery sessions will improve mobility, joint stability and help to regulate the stress hormone, cortisol.” 

The 30-day programme principles

“Getting great results, both physically and mentally, isn’t just about doing as many burpees as you can every day,” explains Jess. “It’s about having variety in your training, making sure you’re testing your body in different ways and having a guided programme that gives you a focus and a sense of achievement.”

“It’s often really hard to motivate yourself to stick with it and even harder to change it up every few days, so we’ve done all the thinking and programming for you. We’ll coach you through every move and minute, all you need to do is turn up each day.

“I’m really excited for you to check it out and I’m even more excited for you to come away from this 30-day challenge feeling both stronger and fitter, as well as more energised and relaxed.”

What’s in the full-body feel-good programme?

The Jennis 30-day feel-good programme features lots of different circuits and sessions designed by Jess, with all of them under 30 minutes. These include…

  • Jennis Super HIIT: 20-29-minute HIIT-based sessions (you decide the time and difficulty level) coached by Jess. 

  • Yoga with Lina Nielsen: With rejuvenating leg sessions, core recovery flows and dedicated sessions for runners, our yoga sessions complement the more intense Jennis sessions so that you recover better and keep mobility and flexibility.

  • Strength sessions: Guided sessions coached by Jess that add load (choose a dumbbell weight of your choice) to enhance strength.

  • Ultra sessions: 30-minute guided sessions for abs and glutes.

  • Dynamic recovery sessions: longer stretch sessions for lower intensity days.

  • Jennis guided Audio HIIT Runs: 20-29-minute guided running sessions (you decide the time and difficulty level), where Jess talks you through when to run, sprint and walk.

  • Finishers and blasts: extra sessions to push you (if you fancy it).

  • Rest days: The good news is that total rest days are essential for good health and you’re actually doing your mind and body a lot of good by having them. These are when your muscles will repair and rest and it’s these rests that will help you get fitter.

How I'll help you get results

“The reason this plan works is because we are using expert principles (pyramid HIIT, programming, recovery and more) to ensure you get results,” says Jess. “Even better, almost all of my exercises are clever multi-taskers, so they work multiple muscles in one hit. That means you get twice and even three times the benefit with each exercise.

“In addition, by joining Jennis, you’re joining a big community of people who are all motivating each other. Plus, I’m here to coach you through every step, helping you stay focused and making fitness fun.”

Is the full-body feel-good challenge for me? 

The Jennis 30-day ‘feel-good’ challenge has been created for all fitness levels and you can adapt the intensity to suit you. If you’re new to fitness or just getting back into it, choose the Beginner option and follow along each day with Jess. If a move is too challenging, we have a series of adaptations on our YouTube channel here . We’d also suggest that you only use the dumbbells if it is comfortable for you.

For people who want to really challenge themselves, you should choose the Intermediate or Advanced options - and, if you're feeling really strong, you can always add sets and up the load of your weights.

The programme has been designed to get more challenging as you progress and the rest days are important, so please bear that in mind.

What do I need?

We’ve kept this programme really simple and kept equipment down to a minimum. If you have a set of dumbbells, that’s great. Otherwise, you can use water bottles or tins of veg. Other than that, you’ll just need a mat or towel for the floorwork and yoga.

How do I join? 

Simple! If you aren’t already a Jennis fitness member, download and subscribe to the Jennis app. Apple users can find it here and Android / PlayStore users can find the Jennis app here.

Once you sign up, you’ll find the 30-day Full-Body Feel Good Challenge in the Fitness section of your Jennis app. You can start whenever you like or join the rest of the Jennis community in kicking this off together on Monday 4th January.

What if I miss a day? 

If you miss a day, no problem. This challenge is all about having fun and feeling good in our bodies, so it’s totally fine to take some extra rest days where needed. If you do, simply pick back up where you left off when you feel strong!

Download the Jennis app on iPhone or Android to start this challenge today.

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