NEW! 30-day Feel-Good Challenge: part 2

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Looking for your next 30-day challenge? Want to keep building on the power and progress you’ve made with the 30-day feel-good challenge? Then check out Jess Ennis-Hill’s Feel-Good Challenge: Part 2...

If you’ve just finished the Jennis 30-day January Feel-Good Challenge and you loved the blend of disciplines, fitness intelligence and positivity, then you’ll love Jess Ennis-Hill’s brand-new Feel-Good progression programme (launching in the app on 3rd Feb).

“The thing that you guys loved about my 30-day Feel-Good Challenge is the variety, so Part 2 of this challenge features the same blend of HIIT, strength, runs, LISS, yoga and recovery. But, there's a difference,”  says Jess, Jennis founder and Athletics Director.

“This is designed to be a real progression on what we have achieved in the Feel-good Challenge, so I’ll be pushing your fitness and flexibility and helping you build strength.

“To make that happen,” explains Jess, “I've created lots of new LISS and strength sessions to keep things interesting. I've switched up the HIITs to make them a little bit more challenging. Lina has created some really lovely new yoga sessions, and I've also programmed in a couple of new arm, ab and glute finishers, just in case you’re feeling really strong after some of the sessions.”

“With all of us struggling for time and space,” says Jess, “the most important thing for me is to make sure you’re enjoying it, which is why I’ve been really mindful to alter the intensity of sessions, the body focus and style of session every single day. This will mean that you stick with it and feel the mental benefits, just as much as the physical.”

How does the Feel-good Challenge: Part 2 work?

"To keep progressing your fitness , you need to make sure you’re getting enough variety in your sessions and you need to blend the body focus," explains Jess. "Importantly, you need to know when to push yourself and when to ease off so that your muscles can recover and get stronger. This programme does all that thinking for you.

“The other big challenge is when you need to switch things up to make them slightly more challenging," says Jess. "That takes real motivation, which is why we’ve done the legwork for you.”

What’s in the Feel-good Challenge: Part 2?

The 30-day Feel-Good Challenge: Part 2 features lots of different circuits and sessions designed by Jess, with all of them under 35 minutes. These include…

  • Jennis Super HIIT: 20-29-minute HIIT-based sessions (you decide the time and difficulty level) coached by Jess. 

  • Yoga with Lina Nielsen : hip opening flows, energising wake-up sessions and dedicated flows for runners complement the more intense Jennis sessions so you recover better and work on mobility and flexibility.

  • Strength sessions: Guided sessions coached by Jess that add load (choose a dumbbell weight of your choice) to enhance strength.

  • Ultra sessions: 30-minute guided sessions for abs.

  • Dynamic recovery sessions: longer stretch sessions for lower intensity days.

  • Jennis guided Audio HIIT Runs: 20-29-minute guided running sessions (you decide the time and difficulty level), where Jess talks you through when to run, sprint and walk.

  • Finishers and blasts: extra sessions to push you (if you fancy it).

  • Rest days: The good news is that total rest days are essential for good health and you’re actually doing your mind and body a lot of good by having them. These are when your muscles will repair and rest and it’s these rests that will help you get fitter.

Is the Feel-good Challenge: Part 2 for me? 

Because this is a progression on the fitness gains we have made in the 30-day feel-good challenge , we would recommend that you only try Part 2 of the programme after you have completed that. As with all the Jennis 30-day challenges, you can select your intensity level to reflect your mood or fitness confidence.

Please note: the programme has been designed to get more challenging as you progress and the rest days are important, so please bear that in mind.

What do I need?

We’ve kept this programme really simple and kept equipment down to a minimum. If you have a set of dumbbells, that’s great. Otherwise, you can use water bottles or tins of veg. Other than that, you’ll just need a mat or towel for the floorwork and yoga.

How do I join? 

Simple! If you aren’t already part of the Jennis team, download and subscribe to the Jennis app. Apple users can find it here and Android / PlayStore users can find the Jennis app here

Once you sign up, you’ll find the 30-day Feel-Good Challenge: Part 2 in the Fitness section of your Jennis app from 3rd Feb 2021. You can start whenever you like or join the rest of the Jennis community in kicking this off together on 4th February 2021.

What if I miss a day? 

If you miss a day, no problem. This challenge is all about having fun and feeling good in our bodies, so it’s totally fine to take some extra rest days where needed. If you do, simply pick back up where you left off when you feel strong!

Download the Jennis app on iPhone or Android to start this challenge today.

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