7 must-watch Netflix boxsets from Jess and the team


Want to be sure the next series you commit to is going to rock your TV world? Then look no further…

Like any good relationship, if you’re committing your valuable time to a new series or boxset, you want to be sure that it’s going to be worth your while. We totally hear you, which is why we’ve asked the discerning Jennis team for the series that have had them glued to their screens through lockdown.

Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jennis founder and Olympic gold medallist, suggests…

The Last Dance



In a nutshell:

Taking us back to the 1990s, this ESPN and Netflix documentary gives us never-before-seen footage of Michael Jordan's all-conquering Chicago Bulls and their hunt for a sixth NBA title in the 1997-98 season.

Jess says: Having overtaken Tiger King as the world’s most watched documentary , if you’re missing your fix of sport (like I am), this is an absolute must-watch. With electric basketball and locker-room scenes, plus nostalgic 90s fashion and basketball, this is just the distraction you need right now. I was also blown away by how majestic Michael Jordan is – an incredible athlete and businessman!

Megan Donnelly, Head of Brand, suggests….




In a nutshell:

Unorthodox tells the remarkable true story of Esty, a teenager who escapes her Orthodox Jewish community and marriage to flee to Berlin.

Megan says:

This is a gripping story of rebellion and freedom, which follows central character, Esty, as she escapes her strict orthodox Jewish community. Told in just four parts, it’s easy to whizz through, while providing a fascinating glimpse into the very private Hasidic Jewish community. You’re taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotion as Esty’s husband and his dodgy sidekick attempt to chase her down and bring her back. What really makes it for me, though, is the incredible standout performance of lead actress Shira Haas, whose every facial expression is loaded with meaning.

Louis Smith, Head of Social suggests…

After Life 1 and 2



In a nutshell:

Ricky Gervais’ black comedy, After Life, tells the story of local newspaper journalist, Tony, who is still struggling with daily life after the death of his wife, Lisa. Sure, it doesn’t sound very funny, but in characteristic Gervais fashion, it’s the subtleties of the way Tony processes grief that make this entertaining.

Louis says:

Even if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, this series would make you belly laugh and cry all at the same time, with Gervais cleverly toying with your emotions in every single episode. The fact we are, however, means the story is all the more poignant. Make sure you have those tissues at the ready!

Andy Hill, Jess’s husband and training partner, suggests…




In a nutshell:

A seemingly normal, down-to-earth dad, played by Jason Bateman, is actually busy laundering money for drug cartels. Meanwhile, he and his wife, played by a rockin’ Laura Linney, must find ways to keep the FBI off their backs, while pleasing the bad guys and keeping their kids safe.

Andy says:

This fantastic Emmy award-winning thriller is now on its third series and has kept Jess and I gripped from the get go. I love how the main characters have developed, and moved so far away from what you thought they stood for. If you want twists and turns that keep you on your toes, watch this!

Danielle Welton, Head of Content, suggests…




In a nutshell:

This fascinating docuseries follows the true story of competitive cheerleading squad, Navarro College, as they prepare for the biggest event of their year. Expect emotions, injuries, blow-ups and incredible feats of physicality.

Danielle says:

If you ever thought cheerleading was just a few flips with pompoms, this will definitely open your eyes to how gravity-defying, bone-crunching and brutal the sport really is. The kids featured in this documentary all have amazing, heart-warming stories; the coach driving everything is a lesson in laser focus, and the riveting final episode watches like a movie script.

Carole Beck, Content Editor, suggests…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine



In a nutshell:

This New York cop comedy showcases the ups and downs of life in Brooklyn’s fictional 99th police precinct, and in particular those of Detective Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg.

Carole says:

This multi-award winning show, now on its sixth series, has great plotlines, running jokes and well-rounded characters. I especially love kick-ass Detective Rosa Diaz, played by Stephanie Beatriz, who could disarm a criminal with one dark look. But mostly the show is about camaderie and teamwork, and looking out for each other. Plus it makes me laugh!

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