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By 2025, one billion people will be peri or menopausal, but this pivotal lifestage still seems to be shrouded in mystery. We’re changing all that with our new perimenopause knowledge hub and soon-to-be-launched fitness programme…

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Despite the fact that there are over a billion perimenopausal women across the globe, information about what’s happening to our body, mood and mind isn’t easy to find, it’s often hard to understand and rarely realistic and relatable. 

We’re changing all that with a brand-new perimenopause knowledge hub , which is 100% driven by your questions around your body and brought to life by our team of women’s health doctors, coaches and scientists.

Made by women, for women

We’re also launching a new fitness programme within the Jennis app that’s been created using the science of perimenopausal bodies to ensure you get the results and symptom support you need. 

“Like the menstrual cycle itself, the perimenopause is a massive stage of women’s lives that’s been overlooked,” says Jennis founder, Jess Ennis-Hill. 

“When I started Jennis, I wanted to tackle taboos, open up conversations that weren’t being had and help women understand their bodies and hormones in a way we've never been taught to before. 

“Perimenopause is the next chapter in this journey and I’m incredibly excited about the way we’re going to change women’s lives and genuinely help them feel better, respond better to fitness and have a community to share experiences with.”

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1) The latest articles and information on the perimenopause questions you’re asking

From perimenopausal fitness intelligence to symptom reduction, we’ll drop weekly articles (all driven by your questions and experiences) to help you take control of your perimenopause.

2) Find out first when our perimenopause fitness programme launches

If you’ve hit a perimenopausal fitness plateau or you’re not sure where to start, this expert programme will provide all the answers – specifically designed to support the hormonal and physical changes that take place; reducing stress; countering perimenopausal weight gain and designed for long-term health and fitness. Sign up to our waitlist now .

3) Get direct access to our women’s health experts

Whatever your question, we’ll pose it to our team of doctors, physios, nutritionists and fitness experts and respond with a personalised answer.

4) A community to share stories and experiences

Get access to a like-minded community of women navigating the worlds of work, relationships, family, fitness and more. Plus, get exclusive access to events and webinars with thought-leaders, experts, authors and TV personalities on everything perimenopause.

5) Have a say in what we do and how we do it

We’re a team of diverse women who are building this thing to open up the world of health, fitness and hormonal knowledge. Why? Because we believe that women aren't supported in the way they should be. 

To make the big changes we want, we often ask our amazing community to test our product and tell us what they want and need. Importantly, we really do listen.

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