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CycleSyncing 101: The ultimate guide to living in line with your cycle

How to work with your menstrual cycle to train smarter, be more productive at work, reduce cycle symptoms, understand what’s driving your sex drive and more...


Map your training to your menstrual cycle with Jennis CycleMapping

Introducing a brand-new fitness innovation from Jess Ennis-Hill that helps you train smarter, get stronger, feel more energised and reconnect with your body like never before…


I did CycleMapping for 30 days and this was the biggest thing I learned

We chat to six CycleMappers from across the country to see what they discovered after just 30 days on the programme.

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What the heck is my follicular phase and why is it a great time for fitness?

Find out how to work with your follicular phase to beat your PB, do more reps and build lean muscle...

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Does your menstrual cycle affect your sex drive?

Your hormones play a major role in how frisky you feel across your menstrual cycle, but they’re not the only thing driving your desire, as we discover…

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