Movement that's synced to your unique hormonal cycle

Move in line with the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle. Get stronger and fitter, reduce stress, exercise more consistently, reduce PMS and understand yourself better than ever before.

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Why choose Jennis

More good days

From fatigue to cramps, irritation to anxiety, get daily sessions to suit your symptoms. Plus, see your symptom score fall month on month.

Beat burnout

Work with your hormones, keep stress in check and feel the mental health benefits.

Easy for everyday

We do the thinking and make it easy to fit into busy schedules. Just 5 to 35 mins. Made to suit your energy levels.

Get fitter smarter

Do the right fitness for each phase. Build up to 15% more lean muscle, burn fat more efficiently, respond better to exercise.

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"Most women have their period cycle happen to them, but this is about taking back the power and mastering skills to ultimately become healthier and happier"

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill - Olympic Champion and Jennis Founder

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